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At Live Well Live Whole ™, we champion the transformative power of self-guided healing.  While external support from professionals like therapists is invaluable, true healing begins from within.  Our mission is to equip those on a journey toward wellness, wholeness, and restoration with the tools, education, and inspiration they need.  We aim to foster a community where individuals can connect, find affirmation, and continue their path toward recovery and restoration.


With over two decades of diverse experience ranging from social services to private practice, our foundation is deeply rooted in understanding the human spirit, its resilience, the emotional wounds and barriers that hinder healing and transformation. Our founder, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) Private Practice Practitioner, has served in varied roles, including Children’s Protective Services (CPS), hospital-based in-patient services, adoptions, psychiatric social work as well as special education.  This wealth of experience has fueled a passion to develop methods and products that serve in a distinctive and impactful manner.


Our offerings are meticulously crafted with healing and transformation at their core.  From our inaugural 66-card deck of affirmations and meditations to upcoming products, we prioritize your needs.  Recognizing the importance of nurturing the younger generation, we’re excited about our upcoming products tailored for them.  As Dorothy Law Nolte wisely said, our children “learn what they live.”  We’re committed to providing tools that foster their growth and character development, with a special emphasis on cultural and ethnic diversity.  We believe in embracing diverse perspectives, and understanding that a single lens isn’t the only way to perceive the world.


Though our roots are firmly planted in California, our aspirations are global.  We’re determined to touch hearts, minds, and spirits across the world, creating spaces for those who align with our vision of healing, transformation, and wholeness.


Driven by multiple passions of creativity, our products reflect this ethos.  Stay connected and watch this space for more.




The Live Well Live Whole Team

Live Well Live Whole™ is here to co-create with you and bring tools for support, self-guided healing and transformation.


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