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The Full Story

Welcome to Live Well Live Whole ™, a company and community created with self-healing, transformation and overall wellness in mind. Live Well Live Whole ™ is a company  established to focus on products and resources for  healthy mental, physical, emotional and spiritual integration, development and living.  Taking care of ourselves in a gentle, kind and loving way is often not something we learn to give ourselves.  Often what we seek externally is the very thing we can learn to nurture within ourselves for contentment and wholeness. Healing is an inside out job. Living well, living whole is intentional and requires us to be engaged in our lives, learning, growing, creating, restoring, healing and transforming. We are on a journey. It is not perfect, nor smooth.


Curated by a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in private practice along with 20+ years in county mental health, Child Protective Services and Adoptions, what we know both personally and professionally, is that we sometimes need witnesses and supporters on our journey. 

We need tools, understanding and guidance to help us in customizing strategies and directions for our unique circumstances. Life is challenging in general, but now more than ever. While none of us have all the answers, managing our lives and healing the wounds can feel daunting and insurmountable but remains our own personal responsibility. Not only that, if we want a good life, discipline and practice become our best friends. We are worthy of having a good life. It is not absent of challenge, change or transition.

Live Well Live Whole name and logo are registered trademarks of Freed Mind Solutions, LLC 

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