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Live Well Live Whole (TM)  meditation and affirmation cards include laminated cards and storage box. Designed to support you in your daily meditation, spiritual practice development, self-guided healing , and prayer life.  Focus on one card per week or rotate a card every day.   There are blank cards for you to create your own custom affirmations addressing a specific area or need.


Each card includes a beautiful image, a declaration, a description of a challenge or perspective and an affirmation.  We focus mindlessly on numerous thoughts, beliefs and fears daily.  Being intentional about what we nurture and nourish in our thoughts is important to how we see ourselves, how we treat ourselves and the actions we take daily.  

Mediation Affirmation Cards

SKU: 36523641234523
  •  3x5 Double Sided 

    Each box contains 66 cards 

    There are 60 written mantras and affirmations along with 5 blank sections to create your own personal mantras and affirmation.

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